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The Future Between Your Hand

VR Simulations, Virtual Tours, VR \ 3D Web Development, Training

VR Multiplayer Training

VMP is a solution developed by Future Platform to create multiplayer virtual experiences designed to make the learning process further enjoyable and highly effective.



Provides developing web pages & educational games services for individuals & companies include: VR games in all styles, VR experiences and VR tours.

Vr experiences

Creating custom vr games & experiences on mobiles, web, Oculus Quest and many more for many fields for all ages & 360 VR tours.


We provide renting services for some of our VR applications that made for all ages. This inculuding training and events which the applications can be modify a little to suit the end user.


Provides Virtual Reailty training to all the levels using templates, before and after Training. We also cover training using vr for many fields. Register?
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